Monday, October 31, 2011


Good Morning Wicked Sweets Fans!!! This weekend was quite eventful and also included a LAZY SUNDAY :)

Logan's cake was finished for Sunday afternoon pick up! It was fun making this Halloween themed birthday cake. 2 layers of Orange colored vanilla cake with orange (colored) buttercream filling. All topped off with black/grey buttercream and fondant Halloween icons... hand painted by me :) I also picked up some gourmet lollipops to stick out of the top, they brought it all together and I was happy with the final result! I even decorated the cake board with fun Halloween stickers!!

Last night I also started my first mail order... Carrot Cake Whoopie Pie Cookies... 2 dozen! Something horrible happened with the batter and all my cookies came out like crisps... and not so crispy I might add. When i tried to get them out of the pan they just crumbled. I managed to save about 24 of them so I could have atleast a dozen done for this morning.....
So this morning I dropped X off at school... it up Stop and Shop for some more oats and remade the cookies... SO MUCH BETTER!! I figured out what my issue was last night as well...... I only used a cup of flour and the recipe calls for 2 1/4 cups!!!!! Go me!
BUT! Cookies were saved and shipped out this morning via USPS... They should arrive Wednesday!! Some cookies were even still warm as I wrapped them up for packaging!! MmMmMmm!!

Have a Joyous Samhain everyone.... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

<3 me

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