Monday, January 2, 2012

Chocolate Cheesecake - CUPCAKE OF THE MONTH

Chocolate Cheesecake
It's been baking crazy here!!! I made the YUMMY Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes and handed them out as samples for some taste testers... Nothing but great reviews :) Cupcake of the Month for January!!
Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake
I also made another variation of that... Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake... Devils food with a cheesecake filling and a strawberry buttercream!! :)
My other cupcake experiment was a Butter Rum Pecan Cupcake... Butter Pecan cake with a Rum buttercream. (theres also a splash of rum in the cake as well) Good things so far!!

Butter Rum Pecan
This evening I was taking a look at the cake pop baking pan that my mom got me for Christmas... Ive never really been a cake pop fan... everyones doing those damn things. I took a look in my cabinet and found a mix for Pumpkin bread! I whipped that together in the KitchenAid and filled up the little cups of the pan... when they came out I rolled them in cinnamon, sugar, and some spices and called them a donut hole!! :) They taste pretty yummy... nothing special on my part just a Pillsbury quick bread mix I had on hand... but they'll make a cool breakfast treat for the X man in the morning... Cake for breakfast?! sure!! lol
But anyway-- as those were baking I was pondering in the kitchen...............................
WLS friendly Protein Cake Pops!!    Protein Donut Holes!!!   Protein Truffles!!
all would be sugar-free of course but full of yumminess!! We shall see what I can come up with on those... but the idea sounds/looks great in my head lol.

Monsters, Monsters, Monsters this weekend! Xyander's Monster Party is this Saturday... Getting life together for that.. Gotta hit up Michaels for cake decorating things for the kiddies and stickers and such for the craft projects!!! *cross my fingers* that we can pull this off with all of these people in our apartment!!!

until next time....

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Moving Right Along

Whew!! Thank goodness the holiday-ness is over with!! Too much stress and craziness happening... Now I can enjoy the brand new KITCHENAID STAND MIXER that I got!!! SOOOOO excited about it!! We have been using it since the day after Christmas!! Bobby has made a couple different breads and I made some peanut butter cookies... which I ended up burning =/!!

The brownie torte was made and was to die for... literally!! That this is a diabetics NIGHTMARE!! We were calling it Chocolate Peanut Butter Suicide!!! but it was very yummy and intense!
I made it thru the baking extravaganza and actually left Christmas week with some money still in my pocket!! WOO HOO!!!

Xyander's birthday party is coming up January 7th (birthday 1/6)... Its a MONSTER theme this year and I think one of the projects I am going to have the kiddos do is decorate their own MONSTER cupcakes!! It should be fun and I cant wait to see what they come up with!!

I am considering a COOKIE of the Month Club.... I am already doing a Cookie and Cupcake of the Month special... So I was thinking of adding a CLUB where I'd send out 2 dozen of the Cookie of the Month the beginning of every month do a yearly sign up fee. We shall see... I like the idea but I am not sure how well it will work out....

TONIGHT - Cupcake of the Month Trial Run!! :) Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes!! MmMmMmmm

Monday, December 19, 2011


I am pretty excited about the HUGE amounts of cookies I have on my holiday order list!!!

This Peanut Butter Brownie Torte is
on the baking list for this week

3 DOZEN - Chocolate Mint Buttons
4 1/2 DOZEN - Cape Cod Crazy Cookies
1 DOZEN - Sugar n Jam Cookies
2 DOZEN - PB&Kiss Cookies
2 DOZEN - Cowboy Cookies
1 1/2 DOZEN - CCWPC's

I also have a RUM CAKE to bake up for a friends father and not to mention all the goodies I plan on making for gifts for everyone and the parties I am attending!!!

Its going to be a SUGARY week!! I wouldnt have it any other way :)


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dreamin Forward

I am so happy that I took this step into making this dream a reality... I have some awesome friends who are my first to support my business venture... and with there AWESOME reviews of my yummys I am sure to make it somewhere anyway. I have a couple huge orders for Christmas week delivery which I am very excited about... hopefully I can get a couple more in before Friday... Ive got some people that said they wanted to order that I am still waiting on... so we shall see :)
Cookie extravaganza this weekend... I cant wait. And I have a bunch of new recipes I am eager to try out.......
Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies   Peanut Butter Brownie Torte  Lemon Ginger Cookies  MmMmMmmmmm

EDIT: I never posted about the Spiderman Cupcakes and Cookies!!!!
Here is the Spiderman Cookie platter... Sugar Spidermans and CCC's because that's their favorite!!

I didnt end up decorating the cupcakes how I really wanted to... so they just ended up with red frosting and some spiderwebs... BUT the birthday boy was totally ok with that.
You can kinda see them in this picture... but theres Jonas the BIG 3!!!

PB & Kiss <3

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We're Jammin

A few nights ago I decided that I just NEEDED to bake something... the results... Apple Jam'd Cookies!!! Butter cookies with an Apple Cinnamon Jam filling... spiced with cinnamon and brown sugar and dusted with some oatmeal. They're quite yummy!!
I also had a Christmas Party to attend on Monday so I baked up some of the best.... CCWPC's of course!! They were a HIT as they always are... and my Yankee Swap gift was a box of WICKED SWEETS goodies!!! CCWPC's, Apple Jam'd Cookies, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Krispy Treats, and Brownie Cookie Bars!!! [all ZERO calories for the Holiday season, hehehe]
Last night I spent a few hours losing myself in cake... the product.... a Bruins Mini Cake!!! it came out awesome if I do say so myself!!!

The baking list thus far for the weekend... Spiderman Cupcakes and Cookies and CCWPC's for my 50 FAN GIVEAWAY winner!!! 

I have been working on the revamping of my facebook page... Putting up Cake and Cupcake pricing list today... Cookie pricing is already up!! and Plenty of pics of my work is on display. Please do check it out:

<3 me

Friday, December 2, 2011


with Turkey Day over... we are moving right along to those other lovely holidays of the season!!!
I have my Wicked Sweets tree up in my crafting corner and X has his tree up in his room. Lots of handmade decorations to go on our FIRST REAL TREE this year! That'll be purchased one of these days!! lol

Today I baked up 3 dozen gingerbread men for Xyander's school. They are having a PJ drive tonight... story reading, hot cocoa, decorating cookies, music sing alongs!!! it should be a fun night!!!

If you have taken a peek at my Wicked Sweets facebook page... you will see that I am getting it all ready for the holidays!! I am going to be doing some revamping of the page soon for easier ordering and navigation so definitely keep an eye open for that!!!

Off to BJ's tonight with the family to do some BULK shopping!!! Lets see what deals we can get there!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another Happy Customer!!

Beckie..thanks for the delish cupcakes! we loved them!!
Makes me happy :)