Thursday, October 13, 2011

Online Bakery - TAKE ONE!

Wicked Sweets - Your Not So Average Bakery
I have decided will start off as an online bakery... which will be my cheapest option. less overhead aka less expensive option and the easiest way to get my name out there. is a great site that I will probably end up using to sell my goodies - they have the whole shopping cart and payments systems set up so I will not have to worry about that... they also have a basic template and you can add photos an descriptions of the goods as well :)

Now... what do I want to sell?!?
Cakes.. I love baking and decorating cakes. I also make adorable mini cakes and cupcakes, other awesome cake options.
Cookies... I love making cookies!! My Carrot Cake Whoopie Pie Cookies are a huge success and will probably be one of the first items I will add to the bakeries website. But I do have plenty recipes up my sleeve... er well in my recipe jar that I cant wait to work on and perfect!
Pies... I can make a pretty damn good pecan pie and am more than willing to try out other Pie options. I am even looking into MINI PIES!! they're adorable and I am sure SCRUMPTIOUS!!
Breads and Pastries... these are items I would love to have the option to expand to... they are items I have the least experience with making but I am more than willing to work my way up to them and make them my own as well!
Weight Loss Friendly Goodies... yes of course sweet goodies are banned on any weight loss plan but since my RNY surgery in April 2010 I have started learning how to alter my favorite goodies into something YUMMY that wont hurt my tiny tummy! I would love to have some WLS friendly options... protein cakes, no sugar cookies, cakes, etc. available!

Those basic categories could house MANY baking options. But I at least have the basics for what I want my bakery to sell and how I want to sell them! I think that's 2 checks off my to-do dream list ;)
Next steps........ perfect recipes.... find out zoning rules and regulations, permits, etc......
Look for more soon!!

<3 me

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