Monday, October 24, 2011


Baby Shower cake was a success!!! It was a great sense of accomplishment to not be rushing a couple hours before to get it done. I had it all together and ready for the above pic a whole day before the shower!! Proud of myself for that :) I didnt end up actually eating any but I got plenty of compliments and heard it tasted like... a Suzy Q or a whoopie pie! Fine by me... they both are great!!! I gotta work on my white cake a little more... it did seem a bit dry when I was cutting it to serve but the chocolate cake was plenty moist! 

My next adventure is a birthday cake for this week. Jo-Al's soon to be stepson!! Halloween inpsired birthday cake! I am quite excited about this cake... its going to be fun!! The plan is -----> 2 vanilla round layers (dyed orange) probably 8" cakes. with buttercream filling. Then black buttercream icing on the outside with Halloween icons (pumpkin, ghost, bat, spider, wtc.) made of fondant on the sides. Possibly along with some fun colored polka dots. I would like to have LOGAN spelled out on top and I also have some fun lollipops to put sticking out of the top of the cake. I think they'll enjoy it :)

I also bought stuff to make my Carrot Cake Whoppie Pie Cookies!!! So maybe that will be an adventure for this week as well!!! hmmmmmmm we shall see!

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