Thursday, October 20, 2011

Progress - Hello Kitty

Baby shower cake has some progress made! Gum paste Hello Kitty baby is made, I had to stop playing with it yesterday because I was getting food dye everywhere and didnt want to screw her up where she couldnt be fixed!! So CHECK on that!!

I also baked the vanilla cake for the top tier... its a small 6" round.... PINK AND WHITE ZEBRA PRINT CAKE!!! It was kind of a process to get the print because you had to layer it all but it looks like its totally worth it!!! I cant want to cut into it tomorrow when I have to put the filling in... I am so excited about this cake!!!
Tonight.... more cake work! I gotta bake the chocolate cakes for the rectangle bottom tier. Easy enough... just gotta go to the grocery store later to pick up some more stuff!! I dont know if I am going to make the buttercream tonight or tomorrow.... I actually have to get a hold of a mixer before I can do any of that anyway! I ended up using my magic bullet blender thing to mix the wet ingredients for the cake... it worked great!! Even creamed the butter and sugar... with some help of course! WOO makin it work ;)

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