Monday, October 17, 2011

Thoughts - Delivered!

Local deliveries - that was the topic of thought while trying to fall asleep late last night. I wrote down a couple things in a close by notebook before closing my eyes:
-After School Snack deliveries... parents at work for an hour or so before kids get home from work? picking up the kiddos right after work? Why not have a box/basket of goodies waiting for you/them on your front step.... A special gift for a birthday surprise or an any day occasion. Cookies, mini cakes, brownies, pastries.
-Local deliveries.... same day deliveries can be placed up until 7pm?! Late night deliveries until 1030/11pm? Place an order and select a delivery time... Delivered within an hour of baking?

I have also printed out an application for opening a business in the food industry in the town of Falmouth. It does have an option for a in home kitchen. Though I will still need to make a phone call RE: what are the compliance regulations if any I need to take. 

This week I have Samantha and Wes' Baby Shower Cake to work on!!! I am quite excited about it... gotta make a Michael's trip tonight I think

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