Friday, December 2, 2011


with Turkey Day over... we are moving right along to those other lovely holidays of the season!!!
I have my Wicked Sweets tree up in my crafting corner and X has his tree up in his room. Lots of handmade decorations to go on our FIRST REAL TREE this year! That'll be purchased one of these days!! lol

Today I baked up 3 dozen gingerbread men for Xyander's school. They are having a PJ drive tonight... story reading, hot cocoa, decorating cookies, music sing alongs!!! it should be a fun night!!!

If you have taken a peek at my Wicked Sweets facebook page... you will see that I am getting it all ready for the holidays!! I am going to be doing some revamping of the page soon for easier ordering and navigation so definitely keep an eye open for that!!!

Off to BJ's tonight with the family to do some BULK shopping!!! Lets see what deals we can get there!!

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