Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This calls for an update!!

Since my last post I had 2 more orders for those yummy Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies!!! Thank you Lauren and Marianne!!
OMG guess what just showed up Beckie Marks! The carrot cake whoopie pies from Wicked Sweets! Lauren does not like cake but loves these! She said they would be awesome as oatmeal cookies too! These are amazing! I thank you but my a$$ does not! hehe!

I also took some time to play with another oatmeal cookie recipe... I made what I am calling: Cape Cod Crazy Oatmeal Cookies! They were quite the hit with everyone I shared them with!! So they're definitely added to the cookie list :)  Craisins, White Chocolate & Walnuts MmMmMm

I also took some time to do some baking with my kiddo... We made some Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes! I kinda over filled the cones so the cake bubbled over the top... but I threw some frosting on them and X covered them with sprinkles and they were good to go!! Definitely something yummy, easy, and fun to do with my son who loves to help out in the kitchen... always wanting to add the 'gredients!! ;)

I have some more cookie ideas swimmin around in my head... look for Lemon Ginger and Toffee creations to come next!!! 
Cakes and Cookies for the upcoming holidays... if you are looking for something please let me know!!! 

<3 me

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