Monday, November 21, 2011

For The Love of Cupcakes!!

So I guess I have to give thanks where thanks should be given. lol. My brother posted a recipe I apparently NEEDED to make on my facebook wall last week... DEATH BY OREO Cupcakes. Needless to say.... They were/are an AMAZING hit!!!!!
I sent him to work with 1/2 a dozen of these babies and he called with an order for a dozen more!! So those were baked up last night and now I have 15 available for individual sale... while they last!! $2 a cuppycake w/ a small delivery charge depending on the location and amount of the order!! :)

I also decided to do a "GOBBLE & WOBBLE SPECIAL" for Turkey Day.. I thought it was a great idea... get some extra money for the holiday and help some people out with not having to do the baking... but I got no bites.. Its alright though. I am going to be doing a Christmas Special as well... so maybe Christmas Goodies will be more welcoming?! IDK - Keepin the dream alive!! ;)

<3 me

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